4 Illegal Interview Questions Small Business Owners Have To Ask

job interview


This post originally appeared at CBS Moneywatch. If you are a manager at a large corporation with a well-staffed HR and legal department, you’ve probably gotten a wealth of training on how to conduct a job interview.

But if you own your own company or are a manager in a small business, it might be up to you to keep yourself out of trouble when you start the hiring process. Do you know what kinds of questions you’re legally allowed to ask? Knowing the limits will help you avoid lawsuits and make smarter hiring decisions.

First of all, there are a limited set of topics that are protected — in other words, you may not ask prospective hires about them. The good news is that the list is quite short and is mostly obvious stuff that common sense would dictate is off limits:





National origin



Disability status

Marital status

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