4 grooming and style tips all bald and balding men should know

For most guys, hair loss is a stressful experience. But it isn’t the end of the world.

There are a number of things men can do to embrace (and ultimately own) the new look that genetics has forced upon them.

From keeping hair short or shaved to dressing differently, balding men do have options.

Assess the damage and know your options

The first order of business is to see how bad the situation is. For any number of reasons, a man may not realise he is losing his hair — some go through a period of denial, others simply don’t notice.

But even if you haven’t noticed, others have. And no amount of creative comb-over work is going to change that. Men who are balding have two options.

No. 1: If the loss is limited to your front hairline, and you have thick hair, you might be able to get away with just keeping it short for a while.

No. 2: If you have a large bald spot on the crown of your head, the best solution is to shave your head.

Consider growing a beard

If you can grow a beard, it will balance out the severity of the shaved head look. The blog Effortless Gent encourages balding men to experiment with everything from light stubble to a full goatee.

Keep whatever looks good with your new look, and scuttle everything else.

Dress for the shape of your head

The absence of hair changes your profile and silhouette, which needs to be considered when picking out an outfit. Pay attention to collars and and necklines: collared shirts help frame your head, while the sharp lines of a V-neck shirt contrast the curvature of your head.

Take care of your head

Once you shave or crop your hair close, your poor scalp will be exposed to the elements. Take care of your skin and what hair you have left by moisturizing your scalp and applying a light sunscreen daily. A winter hat is now non-negotiable.

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