Giddy 3PAR Investors Laughing All The Way To The Bank

Kid at Christmas

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As HP and Dell keep upping their bids for 3PAR,  3PAR investors are celebrating like its Christmas in August.They’re trying some risk arbitrage with 3PAR’s stock – and winning.

Here’s the buzz from 3Par shareholders on StockTwits, Yahoo Finance, and Seeking Alpha::

  • “nice HP raised price. We are now in the money :)”
  • “Bought more $ 28.90…These fools just keep raising the offer. This is no risk.”

  • “I just bought $ 27.90and will sell at $ 35 tomorrow. BUY BABY BUY !!!!”
  • “Can’t believe…48 minutes ago I missed out on this. Congrats to longs I was going to buy in last week, but was sceptical of higher bids from HP…

As for Dell or HP shareholders, it’s not so rosy. Two takes from our site after HP raised its bid:

  • “If you own HPQ or DELL it’s time to SELL….They’re wasting their shareholder’s money. PAR has no earnings! Michael Dell ran his company into the ground, and HP has an incompetent board.”
  • “At this valuation, DELL is paying almost 10% of its valuation to buy 3PAR, a tiny company that has less than 200 million in revenue and negative earnings. It’s ridiculous.”

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