3D Smart Phones Won't Kill Nintendo 3DS

It’s fun listening to CEOs make bold statements.

Case in point, LG’s Dr. Jong-seok Park, who recently said (a statement LG later retracted) that “The era of dedicated handheld gaming platform is over.”

Thankfully, the company had only just begun…

“Today’s smart phones have the horsepower to compete with the best portable gaming devices and LG Optimus 3D is our proof. We think 3D is the natural next step in portable entertainment and LG is eager to throw its hat in the ring with the Optimus 3D and Gameloft’s ‘must-be-seen-to-be-believed’ titles.”

To be fair, Optimus 3D comes with three of Gameloft’s best pre-installed on the device: Asphalt 6: Adrenaline, N.O.V.A. and Let’s Golf! 2. That’s a great way to start.

At the same time, LG has contributed nothing of significance to gamers at large, and it remains to be seen whether the Optimus 3D has what it takes to beat 3DS.

Bottom line, the handheld is more than capable of competing with smart phones, both of which reside in two different categories. More importantly, Nintendo has the greatest collection of franchises, including Mario, Pokemon, Zelda, Metroid, Kirby and Star Fox. We love N.O.V.A., but come on. There’s no comparison.

That said, there will always be a market for dedicated portables. Smart parents won’t hand their kids cell phones until they reach a certain age, and odds are good that these players will beg mum and dad for the new Pokemon anyway. We also have the hardcore gamers to consider. They’ll buy the next Mario without hesitation.

For that matter, so will we.

On the flip side, Nintendo definitely has reason to worry. Smart phone technology continues to improve, while Apple and Android devices play host to some highly enjoyable games.

But to say dedicated platforms have become extinct. That’s just silly.

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