The Story Of MakerBot: The Startup That popularised 3D Printing

Brooklyn startup MakerBot, which brought 3D printing to the masses, was just acquired by Stratasys, a professional-grade 3D printing company.

Bre Pettis, a former schoolteacher, and his co-founders Adam Mayer and Zach Smith started MakerBot Industries in 2009 with the hope of making 3D printing more accessible.

They created a 3D desktop printer called the MakerBot. The company was an instant success and sold out of its first 20 MakerBots in just two weeks. Since then, users have created just about anything they could imagine with the device.

Pettis says there are many similarities between the personal computing industry and the personal manufacturing industry. He compares his machines to early personal computers like the Apple I.

We visited the famed MakerBot Botcave in Brooklyn last year, and talked to Pettis about his vision for the personal manufacturing revolution.

Watch below.



Produced By Robert Libetti & Kamelia Angelova

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