This Drivable Car Was Just 3D Printed In 44 Hours


At the International Manufacturing Technology Show in Chicago, Local Motors 3D-printed a plastic car called the "Strati" in front of thousands of attendees. Local Motors took the chassis, seats, door panels, and thousands of other components, and 3D-printed all those pieces into just four different parts. The first phase of the process, completed on Tuesday, took just 44 hours. "A 3D-printed car like ours will only have dozens of components," Local Motors engineer James Earle tells Business Insider. In the near future, he says, it could cost only about $US7,000 to manufacture, perhaps the start of what will become a niche market for customised cars. "You can make a vehicle for yourself that's basically a one-off, do the entire design," he says. "You could create custom-fit seats that conform to your shape, things like that, that you couldn't do with cars now." Produced by Will Wei.

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