Photos Of The Incredible 3D Mapping Technology Apple Will Use In iPhones And iPads

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Photo: Screenshot

Apple is getting ready to completely revamp the Maps app on iPhone and iPad, according to Mark Gurman of 9to5 Mac. Instead of relying on Google for iOS maps, Apple will use its own solution. This will likely come from its acquisition of C3 Technologies, a company that makes incredible 3D maps.

Luckily, there are a bunch of videos of C3’s mapping tech, so we can get a good idea what maps will look like in the next version of iOS. Check out the screenshots below.

The Statue of Liberty looks incredibly detailed

Now let's swoop over to Manhattan. What are those bubbles floating over the buildings?

A closer look reveals location-based Facebook updates from nearby friends. Neat.

It looks like C3's maps will allow Apple to overlay just about anything. Here's King Kong on top of the Empire State Building.

A view of a stadium in Norway...

Pan out, and we can see the entire cityscape.

Buildings have all the details.

You can count all the windows on this building!

Some people were thrown in for scale.

Traffic jam.

Here are some more buildings. This looks like a college campus.

Flyover of a densely-packed urban area.

Even the trees have a ton of detail.

This building in Norway looks kind of important. Anyone know what it is?

But it's not just about cities. Natural landscapes have a ton of detail too.

This grid gives you a good idea of the different elevations.

An island.

A canyon. Feels like you're really there!

Here's the Hoover Dam.

Here's a demo of C3's maps running on an iPad.

The maps have multitouch gestures, so you can twist, zoom, pan, etc. with your fingers.

You can also get information on landmarks.

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