19 Pencil Drawings That Trick Your Mind Into Thinking They're 3-D

Anamorphic drawings are two-dimensional drawings that, when viewed from a single point of view, seem to leap off the page. Graphic artist Alessandro Ditti has mastered them.

Ditti is an Italian designer who began working on the 3D-looking art in 2013. “The first drawings helped me to learn the basics of the technique and, once I got assimilated, I began to catch a glimpse of the expressive possibilities that this [medium] could offer,” Ditti told Business Insider via email.

To create the 3D illusions with just graphite and paper, Ditti says he has to consider practical aspects (design, photography and lighting) and psychological aspects (what the observer thinks he or she is seeing). His photos of the art often includes a pencil in them to immediately remind viewers that the items are 2D.

Ditti’s drawings will be shown on July 19 at Santa Monica’s “Masters of Illusion” exhibit. Here are some of his mind-blowing works of art.

'Door and stair'

3D Drawing by Alessandro Diddi



'Double Illusion'

'Stone Bridge'

'My Left Hand'

'Jumping Dolphin'

'Argh! (The Dangers of Drawing in 3D)'

'The Climb'

'Best Wishes'


'Get Me Out of Here'


'Anamorphic Snake 2.0'

'Anamorphic Surf'

'HR Giger'



First Look: Ditti's most recent, never-before-seen piece, 'Bird.'

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