39 Developed Countries That Take Longer Vacations Than America


Photo: saint basil via Flickr

Blame it on the Puritan work ethic.Despite unprecedented prosperity, Americans work longer and take fewer vacations than just about any developed country. America is the only one that doesn’t mandate paid vacations for full-time employees.

Even with the typical three-week vacation allotted to Americans, only Canadians and Chinese work more days.

Enjoy your three-day weekend. It’s a rarity.

Swiss get 29 vacation days. So do Irish

Statutory minimum holidays: 20

Public holidays: 9

Irish get 20 private and 9 public holidays.

Source: Mercer

Czechs get 32 vacation days. So do Latvians

Statutory minimum holidays: 20

Public holidays: 12

Latvians get 20 private and 12 public holidays.

Source: Mercer

Brazilians get 41 vacation days. So do Lithuanians

Statutory minimum holidays: 30

Public holidays: 11

Lithuanians get 28 private and 13 public holidays.

Source: Mercer

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