$38 Million Apartment At Star-Studded 740 Park Hits Market Without Owner Dying

Apartment sales at legendary co-op 740 Park usually involve the previous owner dying. But today, miraculously, a fourth and fifth floor duplex hit the market without anyone kicking the bucket.

740 Park expert Michael Gross has the backstory, and Corcoran’s listing reveals that the apartment has a private elevator landing and separate stairs for the staff. So, in the words of cityfile.com, “you don’t have to worry about tripping over Guadalupe in the middle of the night when you head downstairs on your ritual Oreo run.” In addition to Steve Schwarzman, other neighbours include John Thain, hedge funder and Ivan Boesky-scandal castmember Izzy Englander, Ron Lauder, Goldman Sachs banker Steven Mnuchin and hedge funder David Ganek. Photos below.

Michael Gross: There’s another apartment for sale at 740 Park, currently hidden behind a black shroud. Peter Huang, a Chinese-born investment banker whose ex-wife Nancy once shook up the house by inviting the likes of Chic’s Nile Rodgers, Kid Creole and Fab Five Freddie to party there (earning herself a nasty divorce), has listed apartment 4-5D for a whopping $38 million (maintenance is $10,574 a month). Here’s the listing. Or should I say lusting? (Ignore the furniture. ageing I-Banker taste. Feh.) Broker Corcoran’s Web site has no floor plan, but it’s almost the same as this one, one floor down. Lust on.


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