37signals Founder: There's A Lot Of Sickness In The Startup World Right Now

jason fried

The founder and CEO of 37signals, Jason Fried, runs a 35-person business that generates millions of dollars per year.

He recently told Fast Company that there’s a lot of sickness in the startup world right now.

For starters, Fried thinks too many new companies are focused on growing quickly. They’re treating employees poorly and hoping to score big exits.

“Companies [are] staffing up, raising a bunch of money, hiring a bunch of people, and burning them out in the hopes that they’ll hit the lottery,” Fried says.

“Look at what the top stories are, and they’re all about raising money, how many employees they have, and these are metrics that don’t matter. What matters is: Are you profitable? Are you building something great? Are you taking care of your people? Are you treating your customers well? In the coverage of our industry as a whole, you’ll rarely see stories about treating customers well, about people building a sustainable business. TechCrunch to me is the great place to look to see the sickness in our industry right now.”

For the full article, head over to Fast Company >

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