36 Of The Bali Bombings Terrorists Are Free, Even More Will Be Released This Year

Bomb Blast Site in Legian, Bali 2002. Edy Purnomo/Getty

Thirty-six of the Indonesian terrorists involved in the deadly Bali Bombings in 2002 have been released from jail, and another 100 are expected to be freed in the coming year.

The Herald Sun reports only five men from the two Bali attacks remain ­in jail on life sentences, without the right to ­remission or clemency.

A Jakarta-based terror expert by the name of Solahudin told The Herald Sun people should be concerned that even more of these terrorists will soon be free.

“In my assessment maybe this year and next year about 50 to 100 will be released.

“Some of them are quite senior figures,” he said.

Those released, and soon to be released, were charged with sentences ranging from six years or less to 18 years for their involvement include recruiting suicide bombers, driving bomb-laden vehicles, plotting the attack, financing the bombs and more.

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