35-Year-Old Donovan McNabb Still Thinks He'll Be Playing In The NFL This Year

Donovan McNabb

Donovan McNabb is one of the most successful quarterbacks of the past quarter century, with 37,276 passing yards and 234 touchdowns, but the former Philadelphia Eagles star isn’t ready to retire yet.

Even though he is currently jobless, McNabb thinks there’s an “80 to 90 per cent” chance he’ll be suiting up for an NFL team this fall, according to Pro Football Talk

In fact, in a puzzling role reversal, McNabb says he’s got three teams he’s looking at joining, and thinks he can lead a team ready to win immediately. Here’s McNabb’s cryptic plan, in which he predicts a quarterback on a good team goes down injured:

“Right now I think teams are evaluating what they have. They’re looking at their young quarterbacks, their backup situation, obviously their starters they feel very confident. But if things were to go wrong in training camp, or maybe the competition isn’t where they want it to be, they would obviously pick up the phone and call…. I have about three teams I’m looking at. A team that obviously has a solid running game, weapons on the outside, a defence that’s been playing well and playing well together, and that’s ready to win right now.”

If your favourite team fits that bill, McNabb might know something you don’t.

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