35 of the best Reuters photos of the year so far

For the past 30 years, Reuters’ award-winning photographers have been travelling around the world, documenting the biggest news stories as well as the smaller, tender moments that fly under the radar.

Here, we take a look at 35 of the most powerful images taken this year by their amazing team of photographers.

These photos cover a wide range of the human experience — the darkness of war, the joy that comes from love and compassion, and the bravery of those following their passions.

We’ll be updating this slideshow as 2015 comes to an end.

Editor’s note: Many of the images in this slideshow depict graphic violence, injury, and nudity, and many are upsetting.

(Captions by Reuters and Sarah Jacobs)

Each day scores of cyclists, such as the ones pictured, make the nearly 29-mile downhill journey from Bugarama, Rwanda, to sell bananas. They often hang from the backs of trucks for the return uphill trip.

Photographer Carlos Barria holds a print of a photograph he took in 2005 right after Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans. Here, he matches the print up at the same location 10 years later.

A veterinarian takes a picture of a two-year-old orangutan during a health examination at Kao Pratubchang Conservation Centre in Ratchaburi, Thailand. Authorities said the orangutans are being examined to ensure they are free from diseases.

President Barack Obama stands with Pope Francis during an arrival ceremony for the pope at the White House in Washington, DC.

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