One Woman's Asperger Syndrome Got Her Out Of $340K In Debt

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Photo: Flickr / CampusGrotto

Unlike consumer debt, student loans are nearly impossible to get rid of in bankruptcy court.But a Maryland bankruptcy judge has found that a woman’s Asperger syndrome allows her to discharge nearly $340,000 in student loan debt, the National Law Journal is reporting.

Carol Todd’s Asperger syndrome, a type of Autism, has prevented her from getting a job and paying off her massive student loans from law school, a Ph.D. program, and other school, the Law Journal reported.

Todd’s condition qualifies her for a federal exemption for discharging student loan debt, federal bankruptcy judge Robert Gordon ruled.

In his ruling, the Law Journal reported, Judge Gordon noted that innocuous questions sent Todd into a panic and that for no apparent reason she “folded into a fearful shell.”

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