$31-Million Spider-Man Musical Says Delay Not Due To Money Troubles


Producers of the $31.3 million Spider-man musical have cancelled rehearsals set for this spring. Instead, the musical will have a workshop this summer and begin rehearsals in late fall for an early 2010 opening, Bloomberg reports.

Despite the musical’s extravagant budget, people behind the scenes claim production delays are responsible for this third schedule change.

Bloomberg explains,

This person added that the high cost of producing the show “has never been an issue because the producers aren’t tied to the market.” The reasons for the delay, this person said, have to do with still-unresolved creative decisions by a team headed by director Julie Taymor.

Indeed, while Evan Rachel Wood has already been cast as Spider-Man’s love interest, Mary Jane Watson, the show still hasn’t picked a lead. You know, the guy who’ll actually play Spider-Man? Yeah.