The Incredible 30-Year Evolution Of The Mac

Happy birthday, Mac!

It has been 30 years since Apple launched the first Macintosh computer on January 24, 1984. The new computer debuted after the company’s iconic “1984” ad aired at that year’s Super Bowl.

Since that first personal computer was released, Macs have come a long way.

The Apple IIGS was released at the end of 1986. Technically, it wasn't a Mac, but is still interesting because Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak put his signature on the first 50,000 units.

In 1987, the Apple Macintosh II became the first Mac to support a colour display. Also, note the second floppy disk drive.

The Macintosh TV had a bit of an identity crisis. It came with a cable-ready TV tuner card and included a CD-ROM drive. It was also the first Macintosh to come in black.

When people first learned about the MacBook Air in 2008, the big talking point was that it could fit inside a manila envelope. The first edition didn't sell well, but when it was updated in 2010, it was a hit.

In 2012, Apple released a gorgeous new iMac with an ultra-thin profile. The back of the screen tapers to just 5 mm.

This year, Apple released its latest MacBook Pro that runs 90% faster than its predecessor thanks to a new Intel chip.

Apple also released its latest Mac Pro this year. If you get the most souped-up Mac Pro possible, it will cost $US20,934.45.

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