30 Rock Quips At New York Times' 'Dwindling Ad Dollars'

NBC’s 30 Rock writers have been poking fun at Comcast and CNBC recently. But last night, the characters popped in a few fun digs at the New York Times’ expense.

In this episode, character Danny gets nominated for a Juno, which is “kind of like a Canadian Grammy.” He gathers around the room of writers and brags about his exposure: “There’s going to be a profile of me in the New York Times as filler because of dwindling ad sales. Isn’t that awesome?”

Ha! Ok, it’s true: Ad revenue at The New York Times, Boston Globe and their other regional papers, fell 14.7% in 2009’s fourth quarter, compared to a year earlier. Although, that was NYT Co.’s smallest ad revenue decline in a year. Executives, and analysts, expect to see those numbers improve.

But of course, newspaper copy has always been just filler between the ads, right guys?

Back on 30 Rock, the writers on the show try to sabotage Danny’s positive attitude by writing a fake New York Times profile by “Seymour Nips.”

Jack “Silver Panther” Donaghy first complained about the profile as “typical liberal media:” “That’s why I get all my news from Dick Cheney’s website,”


Watch the clip for some morning laughs:

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