30 Innovations That Will Change The World

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game changers lander
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Edible Food Packaging Will Eliminate Plastic Waste 

game changers dna

New Technology Will Make Gene Sequencing Affordable

game changers seatbelts

A Life-Saving Inflatable Seat Belt

game changers ovaries

Ovarian Tissue Transplants Could Change Fertility

game changers microbes

How Microbes Can Be Used To Make Energy

game changers space flight

Commercial Space Flight And The Space Race

game changers microscope

A Tiny Microscope That Attaches To A Cell Phone

game changers lab grown meat

Lab Grown Beef Could End The Food Crisis

game changers implant

This minuscule Chip Could Restore Sight To The Blind

game changers supersonic flight

Supersonic Flight Will Get You There Quicker Than Ever

Game Changers

This Water-Recycling Shower Saves Thousands Of Gallons

game changers tourniquet

An Inflatable Abdominal Tourniquet That Saves Lives

game changers sensastep

An Assisted Walking Device That Senses Your Step

game changers powerfelt

Fabric That Generates Electricity From Body Heat

game changers modification

A Car Engine That Reduces Emissions

game changers stove

A Low-Cost Cooking Stove For The Developing World


This Nanoparticle System Could Cure Cancer

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A Laser-Guided Bullet That Will Change Warfare

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Adaptive Cruise Control Will Eliminate Traffic Jams

game changers ogans

Solving Our Donor Crisis With Lab-Grown Organs  

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Robots That Will revolutionise Surgery

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Augmented Reality Contact Lenses


A Life-Saving Shot Of Oxygen Foam

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Printed Skin Cells Will Change Burn Treatment  

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A System That Turns Sewage Into Water Vapor

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A Simple Test That Predicts Heart Attacks

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An Artificial Brain That Can Diagnose Breast Cancer

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Solar Cells Efficient Enough To Power A City  

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A Shot That Could Cure Drug Addiction

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This Could Be The Cure For Paralysis

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