3 Surprising Things You Never Knew About The Winklevoss Twins

Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss are most famous for controversial role in Facebook’s founding story.

The pair won a lawsuit against Facebook after stating that Mark Zuckerberg stole the idea for the social network. The lawsuit ended in a settlement which made the twins rich. They were given $US20 million in cash and $US45 million in Facebook stock, according to The Wall Street Journal. That stock is now worth about $US200 million.

WSJ’s Christopher Ross interviewed Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss about what their days are like now that they’re running an investment firm and helping startups get off the ground. The profile is brief, but it lists some unusual facts about the twins. Here are three that stood out:

  • There’s only a 5 pound difference between Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss. The identical twins are 6-foot-5 and about 220 pounds. Tyler has always been a little heavier.
  • Their parents never revealed which twin was born first. So Tyler and Cameron don’t know which one is the older twin.
  • The twins are musical. Both spent twelve years taking piano lessons, although neither plays much anymore. Cameron picked up guitar.

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