3 Tips For Managing Your Reputation Online


The internet is a dangerous place for your brand. Anyone who wants to can write anything they want about your product for all the world to see.

But that doesn’t mean that your online image is totally out of your control. Raymund Flandez of The Wall Street Journal wrote up a guide to making your company look good on the internet. His three tips:

  • “Reach out immediately to dissatisfied reviewers.” We recently wrote up a study in which nearly half of customers who had given a negative feedback rating to an eBay seller were willing to withdraw it after receiving a simple apology and explanation. That is a massive boost to your reputation at very little cost.
  • Flood the zone with your own content. You can’t prevent people from saying bad things about you, but you can affect how prominent their bad reviews will be. Making lots of search-engine optimised content for your brand will ensure that any bad news from third parties isn’t the first, or even tenth thing a potential customer sees when they stick your name in Google. The best way to go about this: “releasing press releases through prnewswire.com or pr.com and building Twitter, Facebook and YouTube accounts since these social-media sites show up high on search results.”
  • “Appeal to bloggers to review your company or your product.”Develop a relationship with bloggers who are specialists in your industry. Keep them posted on your latest products. Reviews from these people will outweigh griping from random dissatisfied customers.

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