3 strategies to end your workday like a boss

How you end your workday can have a direct impact on the following day’s work.

Business Insider spoke about end-of-day tips with Tim Hird, executive director of Robert Half Management Resources, an executive search firm focused on finance and accounting needs.

Hird identified three end-of-day tasks that can give you an edge the following day.

How to end your workday like a boss:

Plan for the next day. Taking a few minutes at night to prepare for tomorrow can save many more minutes the next day. You won’t have to play catch-up as much, since you won’t need to slog through email and then plan out your projects.

Take a few minutes to think about what went well. Hird says before you leave the office, or even as you head out the door, you should reflect on the positive parts of your day.

“While it’s obviously important to acknowledge what might not have gone as planned, reflecting on the positive provides a sense of accomplishment and confidence heading into the next workday,” he says.

Thank a colleague. Whether it’s for nailing an investor presentation or grabbing lunch for you when you didn’t have a chance to break away, expressing gratitude generates positive feelings and makes others — and you — feel good.

“Ending each day on a positive note gives us a head start on tomorrow,” says Hird.

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