3 Singaporean millennials designed the world’s first chewable, reusable and pocketable straw – and it raised $20,000 in less than a week

Three young Singapore-based designers have created a different kind of reusable straw. Chew Inc

In a bid to save the Earth, many people are hopping onto the bandwagon and ditching plastic straws for reusable ones. But some are deterred from doing so, discouraged by the difficulty of storing and carrying around reusable straws.

Three Singapore-based designers – Lim Jing Jie, 22, Tommy Cheong and Kevin Yeo, both 24, have created their own reusable straw, which they claim is more practical to use.

(From left) Founders Tommy Cheong, Kevin Yeo and Lim Jing Jie. Chew Inc

Touted as the world’s first reusable straw that can be reassembled to fit snugly into one’s pocket, the trio’s straw design includes a silicone tip for its user to chew on.


In an exclusive interview with Business Insider, Lim revealed what sparked the idea of designing a chewable straw tip.

The industrial design students had noticed that many people who use plastic straws tend to unconsciously chew on them.

This, they thought, could be the reason why some people are deterred from using hard, stainless steel reusable straws.

When he pitched the idea of chewable reusable straws to friends, “they would get very excited and that’s when we knew we had hit on a unspoken want,” he said.

And with that, Chew Inc. was born.

Instead of having what looks like a long, metal pole sticking out of your pockets, this new type of straw can be taken apart and reassembled for easy storage.


It is then stored in a slim case with a handle on top.

The straw’s case is as long as an iPhone 6. Chew Inc

And that is not all of its features.

The case each straw comes in features vents for drying. After rinsing it, users are meant to spin the residual water out of the case.


Lim said that among all the methods they tried, they found spinning was the most clean and simple way of drying a reusable straw.

Earlier this month, Chew Inc took to crowdfunding website Kickstarter with a goal of raising S$20,000 ($AU20,389) for their straws.

Not only did it reach its target in less than a week, the amount raised continued to grow and currently stands at S$21,567 ($AU21,987) with 23 days to go.

On why they chose to raise funds through crowdfunding, Lim said: “We believe in building the community first and generating buzz organically. Even if we’ve got external investors, the product might not sell and it would be a waste of investment.”

It’s a good thing they hit their target. Lim told Business Insider that they would have probably dropped the project if they had not reached their crowdfunding goal, because it would have meant that the market was not supportive of the idea.

While the Chew Inc straw could soon become reality, bubble tea lovers – you might have to hold your horses. As of now, Chew Inc does not offer a variation in straw sizes.

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