3 Social Networking Profiles That Will Determine Whether Or Not You Get Hired

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Social networking platforms have risen in popularity over the past few years, so much so that some employers are looking toward these profiles as a determining factor in the hiring process. Candidates are now expected to have — and actively update — their social networking profiles so recruiters will know who’s the right fit. In order to be on par with your competition, here’s how you can optimise the big three social platforms:

LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a professional social networking platform with more than 90 million users in over 200 countries. Although it is a relatively young company (it was founded in 2003), LinkedIn is one of the top places employers go to check out candidates. In order to truly optimise your profile, you need to update it often and accurately. Employers don’t want to see stale information that’s an exact copy of your paper resume, either. A LinkedIn profile is the perfect opportunity to showcase things you just can’t on a regular resume, like links to your blog, videos, testimonials, a Vizibility SearchMe link and QR code, clubs, and organisations, etc. Further, a recent Mashable article points out that you can do multiple things to your profile to optimise it, such as using keywords to attract recruiters, targeting strengths, and marketing your expertise. 

Facebook. Facebook is the most popular social platform on the Web, with the site reporting over 500 million active users. However, Facebook doesn’t just have to be a place to post photos and catch up with old friends. It can be an additional job search resource. Although the bulk of your profile should be kept private, why not use the new layout to your advantage? Using the tagged photos update, you can advertise your job search in a creative way. You can also simply state that you are looking for a job, providing a short list of accomplishments in your bio and open it to the public. Remember, never assume that people know you are on the job hunt. Make it a goal to inform everyone in your network. 

Twitter. Twitter has just turned five years old, but its popularity indicates otherwise. According to a recent article, Twitter added 460,000 accounts per day over the past month. With statistics like these, it’s no wonder why many employers are flocking to the site to not only promote themselves, but also vacancies within their company. Twitter is a fantastic resource because you can actually interact and network with just about anyone. Further, if you put enough time and effort into actually developing relationships, Twitter can help you get hired. Take the time to make your profile attractive to recruiters by stating you are looking for a job, tweeting industry relevant articles and questions, using hashtags, and even creating relevant Twitter lists. The more effort you put into Twitter, the more you will get out of it 

How else can we optimise our social networking profiles?

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