3 people just crossed the US in an Autopilot Tesla -- in 58 hours!

Carl Reese Tesla Cross CountryCarl ReeseCarl Reese, foreground.

Tesla just brought its Autopilot semi-self-driving feature online. Owners of the Model S sedan woke up about week ago to find out that their cars could drive themselves, under certain conditions.

Deena Mastracci, Carl Reese and Alex Roy immediately decided to put Autopilot to the ultimate test, driving 2,995 miles across the US, from Redondo Beach in California to New York City.

They made the trips, mostly hands-free from all accounts, in 57 hours, 48 minutes, setting a record for the new technology. According to their media representatives, the drivers made every effort to observe the posted speed limits as the crossed the country, averaging 51 mph for the journey (post from Roy’s Instagram account indicated that the car may have at times been travelling faster than that, and Autopilot is capable of operating at up to 92 mph).

“This is now the fourth record-breaking transcontinental trip I’ve been a part of, and I have to say it has been the most exhilarating road trip of my life,” said Mastracci in a statement.

“Evidence of the team’s run has been submitted to the TransContinental Drivers Association for verification,” the team said.

“All three drivers hold current or past transcontinental driving records; Mastracci now with three; Reese with four; and Roy with two. Mastracci and Reese were members of a team that broke the record of least non-driving time to cross the US in an electric vehicle on April 19 of this year.”

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