3 Modern Ways to Network

Networking can be a sticky, uncomfortable process. You have to get the handshake just right, use proper business cards, and even eat with the right fork. However, modern-day technology has allowed us to forgo all of that awkwardness and has presented us with new, more modern ways to network. 

Although traditional methods shouldn’t be forgotten, here are three new ways to network–which can help anyone from new job seekers to high level executives:  

Use Twitter. Twitter can be a fantastic networking tool if it’s used correctly. With over 200 million registered users, it may be in your best interest to use the social platform for professional networking. Think about connecting with thought leaders in your industry, using Twitter hashtags to make your tweets reach the right people, participating in Twitter chats, or even creating lists to help you follow the right people.

Additionally, when you’re trying to network on Twitter, it’s important to be consistent and timely. For example, if you’re sharing industry news with influencers, it doesn’t bode well if you can’t keep up with news. Additionally, if you want to maintain relationships, be to sure to remain in the forefronts of their minds by being active. Otherwise it may look like you are only connecting with them to gain something. 

Google+ is the new kid on the block. If you’ve been on top of social news lately, you’ll have noticed that Google+ is mentioned everywhere. This new social network, which is still in the invite-only phase, is like all the popular platforms rolled into one. One of the largest advantages to Google+ is the ability to sort your connections into different Circles. Then, you can direct whatever content you want to these Circles, making it easier to network and show off your personal brand. For example, if you wanted to promote a blog post that would appeal to a certain audience, you can actually customise who sees your post. As you share information, you can also encourage commenting, leading to discussions and possible networking opportunities.  

Show off your Vizibility. Vizibility is the first SearchMe Button for Google. Users can customise their top five Google search results, hosting them in free and permanent SearchMe buttons, links, and QR codes, which can be placed on most online and offline materials. Effectively, you can actually control how you are viewed through a search engine. How can this help you with networking though? 

Say you participating in a virtual networking event. Sure, you could direct people to a million different places on the web, but how about using Vizibility? By giving them something easy to remember, like your SearchMe link, they can find out all the information you want them to know about in a snap. Plus, you never have to change your button, link, or QR code if you change your search results. Everything people need is always there for them, helping you network and improving your personal brand. 

What are some other modern networking techniques?