Fox: We're Out Of Super Bowl Ads. (Please Buy One!)

Three weeks ago the WSJ said that due to tight demand, News Corp.’s (NWS) Fox was in a position to demand as much as $3 million for the last two remaining ad spots during the Super Bowl.

Maybe not: Three weeks later, Fox tells USA Today that two spots still remain. Yet “Super Bowl ad spending is on a tear,” the paper declares, noting the same $2.7 million average per spot that the WSJ quoted. (Last year’s Super Bowl averaged $2.6 million).

Now, all signs point to a robust Super Bowl for Fox. As the network business shrinks, the Super Bowl’s value increases, because it’s biggest event on television. And it should be even more valuable this year, since it looks like the writers’ strike will force the networks deep into reruns. But it looks like Fox is getting some major agency push-back on the $3 million price tag.

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