3 Las Vegas Hotels In $100M Bidding War Over Britney Spears — Here’s Today’s Buzz

Britney Spears Rihanna

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  • THREE Las Vegas hotel properties are currently in a bidding war to secure Britney Spears as their headline performer. Sources tell TMZ, “Britney could get $100 million a year and maybe more. That’s what Celine Dion made and Britney could be an even bigger draw.”
  • Brian De Palma is getting back together with his “Scarface” and “Carlito’s Way” star Al Pacino to make a biopic of Penn State’s Joe Paterno.
  • Steve Carell confirmed he will not be on “The Office” series finale. 
  • Harvey Weinstein told Kathryn Bigelow “I’m not the Antichrist” at an L.A. party after he released “Seal Team Six” ahead of the “Zero Dark 30” premiere.
  • New Jersey’s largest newspaper the Star-Ledger laid off nearly 10 per cent of its newsroom Wednesday.
  • In the wake of its four Oscar nominations last week, Fox Searchlight said today that “Beasts Of The Southern Wild” will be re-released in theatres beginning Friday as part of a big Oscar campaign push.
  • “Terminator 2” actor Ed Furlong has been fired from a second film following a domestic violence arrest for allegedly attacking his girlfriend — the third time he’s been accused of domestic violence in only three months.
  • Actor Conrad Bain — who famously played father figure Phillip Drummond on “Diff’rent Strokes” — has died away at age 89 at a retirement home in Livermore, CA from natural causes.
  • Khloe Kardashian lost her temper and lashed over “horrible” tabloid reports about her personal life and efforts to get pregnant, calling the stories “distasteful and shameless.”

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