We're Closer Than Ever To Printing Our Own Medications At Home

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Photo: Flickr / procsilas

Researchers at Glasgow University say they’ve developed a way for people to print their own pills at home, reports Fast Co. Exist’s Ariel Schwartz.

Using a printer specially designed to create “reactionware” – the capsules pharmacists stuff with medicine –  the researchers were able to program the chemicals used in the vessels directly into the machine.

Though some people have already figured out ways to create DIY medication, this is the first tme researchers have tried the printing pills technology on a smaller consumer scale.

“(The technology) would not only place traditionally expensive chemical engineering technology within reach of typical laboratories and small commercial enterprises but also could revolutionise access to healthcare and the chemical sciences in general in the developing world and so allow diagnosis and treatment preparation to occur in a sustainable, decentralized and timely fashion.” the report says.

For more information about this new research, read the report, “Integrated 3D-printed reactionware for chemical synthesis and analysis,” in Nature Chemistry.

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