How To Decorate Your House Using Only A 3-D Printer

3-D printing is as affordable as it’s ever been. Professional designers, hobbyists and tinkerers are making all kinds of objects on their own that might otherwise have to be manufactured overseas and shipped to another destination.

What happens when you let them run wild with ideas on how to decorate a house with 3-D printing technology? CGTrader rounded up a number of 3-D printed home accoutrements, and these pictures appear with its permission.

This elaborate sink fixture looks like it was carved out of rock.

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Octopus stools and end tables!

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No animals were harmed in the making of this mounted deer head.

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Steampunk clock exposes its mechanisms to tell the time.

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Just some simple and elegant vases.

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Here’s a more elaborate one based on an anatomical heart.

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This artsy platter would make a nice centrepiece on a kitchen table.

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Here’s a straightforward set of cups and bowls.

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This is considered a drinking glass, but it could just as easily be an artsy decoration.

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Yes, you can 3-D print in metal, and yes, you can make flatware.

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Minimalist bookends keep your reading material on display with style.

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I’d keep this right by my door and never lose my keys again.

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If this isn’t the cutest doorstop in the world, then I don’t know anything.

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Dinosaur coat hangers!

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A trippy way to display artwork.

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We love this iPad stand.

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Why spring for an overpriced crystal chandelier when you can print one for cheap that looks way better?

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This light fixture almost appears to be melting.

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Here’s a straightforward take on a lampshade.

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These lampshades look like they were made from giant leaves. Nope — just plastic.

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