Your Small Business's Twitter Account Is About To Get An Upgrade

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Twitter’s usefulness as a small business marketing tool is about to get an upgrade.

According to a post on OPEN Forum by Mashable’s Adam Ostrow, Twitter is planning to launch some new features later this year that should greatly improve the way business’s use the service.

Some of the best tools include:

1. Contributors: This tool will allow you to grant multiple users access to one Twitter account without having to share the password. Anyone who is added to the contributors list can manage your business’s account, and you’ll be able to add and remove users at any time. This is huge from a security standpoint.

2. Verified Accounts: Twitter is already using this feature for celebrities, and now it will be available for businesses, too.

3. Direct Messages: Soon, you’ll be able to receive direct messages from anyone, not just people you’re following. This means communications with customers can be much more private than they are now.

Read the entire post at OPEN Forum >

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