3 people were arrested driving to New York with a cache of loaded weapons and bullet-proof vests

Three people were arrested Tuesday morning after police seized a cache of loaded guns, knives, and bullet-proof vests from their vehicle during a traffic stop in the Holland Tunnel, NBC 4 New York reported.

Police stopped two men in their 50s and a woman in her 20s on the New Jersey side of the tunnel after noticing they were driving with a cracked windshield. The suspects had been travelling to New York City.

Police said they found multiple handguns and long-range weapons in the vehicle, as well as a camouflage helmet and what appeared to be night goggles.

The suspects are “gun enthusiasts” from Pennsylvania who are not connected to terrorism,¬†two law enforcement officials told NBC.

The Holland Tunnel is a major crossing that connects New Jersey and Manhattan.

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