29 Sumo Wrestlers Make This The Most Cramped Flight Of All Time

Getting handed a middle seat is sad enough at the best of times.

But imagine your dismay if you then saw this on boarding:

There’s 29 sumo wrestlers in there and they’re all spoiling for a fight because they’re on their way to a training camp on the island of Okinoshima in Japan’s Shimane Prefecture.

It’s hot in Japan right now. Today, at 11am on Okinoshima it was 29C, so that wouldn’t help the mood either. At least there seems to be plenty of overhead locker space.

Given your average sumo weights 150-odd kilos, there’s probably 4.3 tonnes of body in there, but the (tiny) plane touched down safely and everyone looked happy enough.

Even when they all bunched up for the bus ride.

Translation courtesy RocketNews24:

“On the bus to the party venue. I know it looks like we’re getting smothered, but don’t say anything! LOL Actually, the air conditioner is on, and it’s only a short drive, so we’re fine.”

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