29 logos designed with a clever twist that's hidden in plain sight

FedEx TruckFlickr / Thomas HawkCan you spot the hidden arrow?

Creative logos can have the power to makes us do a double-take, and when advertising dollars and brand recognition are on the line, clever messaging can be just the way for a company to hold our attention just a little longer.

Even better? When that design genius is hidden in plain sight. Luckily, the advertising and design site Digital Synopsis recently rounded up a huge collection of creative logos with hidden meanings, and we’ve included our favourites below.

Here are 29 logos where the hidden meaning is staring right at you.

A ser of lio eyes are peering out from the wings of this flapping bird.

Lion Bird Strong Hold

A moon crescent is hiding in the foam of this cup of joe.

Coffee Night

The face of the Spartan warrior is a golfer taking a swing.

Spartan Golf Club

One of the two F's representing FlightFinder has been flipped and moulded to give the outline of an aeroplane.

Flight Finder

Frankenstein Films

Frankenstein Films

These common computer keyboard symbols have been assembled into the shape of a fish.


And the Newcastle Food & Wine Festival let the silhouette of wine bottles serve as the space between the prongs of a fork.

New Castle Food & Wine Festival

Two cat eyes peer out from a black background of this Black Cat logo.

Black Cat

Two arrows moving in opposite directions create the outline of an 'H' in this Shift logo.


A city skyline can be seen between the legs of these two giraffes.

The Bronx Zoo

Is it a cup of coffee or a magic hat?

Magic Coffee

A screaming face is featured neatly in this roll of film.

Horror Films

The familiar stripes of a barcode are nicely incorporated into this mug.


A waving line dissects the letters of 'Boundary'.


The thumb of this handprint is shaped like the head of a bear.


A shark fin doubles as blue paint on the tip of a paint brush.

Art Sharks

A bird is taking flight from the letter 'M' of freedom.


A tiny map of Australia is nestled between the bending arms, legs and back of this yogi.

Yoga Australia

A hand shadow puppet of a dog.


A mustache doubles as the sheers on a pair of scissors.

Mister Cutts

The Guild of Food Writers nestled a little spoon into this calligraphy nib for its logo.

Guild of Food Writers

An elephant trunk was incorporated into the letter 'e'.


An 'E' is hidden between these connecting power cords.

Ed's Electric

A knife is hidden in the letter 'a' of Blade.


A sliver of a golf ball doubles as a moon crescent in this night golf logo.

Night Golf

The pages from a handful of magazines in a circle look like a circus tent.

Circus of Magazines

A sideways '2' doubles as an 'N' in this Twins logo.


These tree tops double as black piano keys and the tree trunks act as the space between the white keys.

Piano Forest

The knocked-over 'i' looks like a fallen person.


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