This Small Wyoming Home Contains More Than 2,000 Registered U.S. Shell Companies

2710 Thomes Ave

Photo: Reuters Vidseo

Have a warehouse full of stolen auto parts to sell to the Pentagon? Want to bid on a federal contract worth millions while working from the garage? Maybe launder a bit of cash gleaned through international extortion.If so, there’s an address you need to know: 2710 Thomes Avenue,  Cheyenne, Wyoming 82001.

An investigative report by Reuters shows this 1,700-square-foot home in the state capitol houses more than 2,000 registered “shelf” and “shell” companies.

The walls of every room are covered in mailboxes serving as corporate suites — a rotating shift of three women answer the phones and sort bundles of mail.

The headquarters for Wyoming Corporate Services offers two options: help creating a shell company: a bank account, an attorney as corporate director able to invoke attorney-client privilege, and appoint officers and CEOs.

The second service is the sale of fully matured shelf companies, all priced upon how long ago they were started. The longer a company has been operating on paper the greater the appearance of solidity and the more costly it is.

Firms registered at the Thomes Avenue address have been named in dozens of lawsuits for unpaid taxes, securities fraud and trademark infringement. The slogan on Wyoming Corporate Services website says it all: “A person you control… yet cannot be held accountable for its actions. Imagine the possibilities!”

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