REPORT: England's 27 major trauma centres are being told to prepare for another possible terrorist attack

LONDON — England’s 27 major trauma centres are being told to prepare for another potential terrorist attack over the Bank Holiday weekend, according to the Health Service Journal (HSJ).

Prime Minister Theresa May raised the national terror threat level to “critical” after Salman Abedi killed 22 people along with himself, and injured at least 64 people at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester earlier this week.

Once the terror threat was raised, NHS England sent the alert to the major trauma centres, says the HSJ.

“You will be aware that we have a bank holiday weekend approaching,” said Chris Moran, the national clinical director for trauma in HSJ’s report.

“There are a number of things that all trauma units and major trauma centres can do to prepare for a further incident and I should be grateful if you could disseminate these within your network so that frontline clinicians are aware.”

The HSJ also quoted an NHS England spokesman:

“Since the [Joint Terrorism Analysis Centre] has announced the threat level has changed from severe to critical, this triggers longstanding, tried and tested NHS protocols reflected in this letter, which reminds NHS organisations of the precautionary measures they need to take ensure care is in place should it be needed.”

Britain has cracked down on security ever since the attack and especially after May declared the national threat level to be “critical.”

The British Transport Police also announced on Thursday afternoon that armed police officers are patrolling trains across the country.

Chief Constable Paul Crowther from British Transport Police, said earlier that “since the devastating events in Manchester on Monday evening, our force has radically increased the presence of our officers nationwide.”

“By having firearms officers on board trains we’re ensuring that trains remain as safe as possible for passengers. Our patrols will be highly visible and passengers should feel comforted by their presence. Please do speak to them if you have any concerns at all,” he added.

“This is part of our national mobilisation plan to deal with the current and ongoing threat.It is important to note that we do not have any specific intelligence in relation to train services but are taking this action to ensure we can protect and reassure the public.”

Meanwhile, Mayor of London Sadiq Khan mobilised more police officers and armed officers on London’s streets this week, following the bombing in Manchester.

Khan said in a statement: “There will be additional police officers on London’s streets over the coming days – including additional armed officers. You will also see some military personnel around London – they are there to help our police service to keep us safe and guard key sites.”

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