The 27 Best Images From The Air Force Instagram

Social media is a relatively new thing to America’s services, most of all, Instagram.

While their troops seem to be taking to the airwaves (albeit, in officially “unofficial” capacities), the services headquarters are slowly catching up.

In honour of the Air Force’s recent 66th birthday, we’re throwing up these images from their Instagram account.

They’re the youngest service of all four, and that may be why they Instagram so well.

(Or it could be all the cool toys.)

The C-17 Globemaster is the military's long-distance logistics work horse.

An aircraft carrying the Space Shuttle Discovery performs a flyby over Joint Base Andrews.

Here U.S. Airmen cross-train with the Brits.

The Air Force honour guard is one of the most disciplined units on earth.

Air Force Thunderbirds are in the entertainment (marketing and recruiting) industry as much as they are the military.

Heliborne water rescue demonstration ... just to show folks what tax dollars go toward.

With so much water on the globe, trained maritime rescue units are important for pilot retrieval.

Any service with as much jet fuel needs to have trained firefighters.

SSgt Ashley Davin rocks a spartan race.

The F-16 Fighting Falcon is one of the most reliable birds in the Force, despite being a little long in the tooth.

Who says birds can't walk if they want to? Or in this case, get a police escort down the highway.

Air Force is also notoriously tough at football.

But they play other intramural sports as well.

The F-22 Raptor is the heart breaker and life taker of the U.S. Air Force.

Airmen get a lot of talk from the other services. Still, this does not look easy.

The C-130 fires chaff, which is used to confuse enemy missiles.

Remember: the Air Force has a number of ground and special forces.

Future pilot? Looks like it.

The Air Force is probably the best of all the services when it comes to photography. Here we see an airman just chilling in the door of his bird.

The Air Force's 'Official' caption with this: 'What happens in Vegas doesn't always stay in Vegas.'

A KC-135 refueler doing its job, extending America's reach.

Air Force guys show everyone how to do a team (the box) and squad (the line) push ups. (And yes, the Air Force still does push ups.)

Another F-16, this time almost vertical.

The Air Force is the only service with a 'Space Wing.' This is the Atlas V rocket.

Here's an Air Force communications antenna tech from Yokota Air Base, Japan.

The SR-71 spyplane is the world's fastest jet-propelled aircraft.

Finally our favourite, Air Force Chief of Staff Mark A.Welsh III sporting a Captain America mask during the first part of a brief.

Now check out what we think is ...

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The most interesting Instagram in the Marine Corps ...

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