27 Breathtaking Pictures Taken At Extremely High Speed

High speed photography

Photo: diegodiazphotography via Flickr

High-speed photographers shoot bullets through fruit, glasses bulbs and a MetroCard to capture the perfect image.Some set-ups are high-speed favourites, like strawberries hitting milk, eggs cracking and balloons exploding.

When you’re taking photos in 1/1000 second or less, even a cherry tomato bouncing off flour gets to looks good.

MetroCard hit by bullet

Water Balloon hit by Airsoft BB

Apple hit by FMJ round

JalapeƱo stuffed olive struck by airgun pellet

Lead bullet meets wood

Cherry tomato hits flour

Balloon mid pop shot with noise triggered flash

Splash & Tiramisu

Falling cat

Strawberries and milk


Grapes splash into water

Water Balloon hit by Airsoft BB

Quarters hitting water

Pellet gun versus bulb

White balloon filled with blue ink

Cornstarch-filled balloon

Soap and bullet

Balloon with turmeric dyed water

Check out the water spider the photographer caught to the left

High-Speed shower

Egg hit by flathead pellet

AA battery through glass

Those photos were planned. Now for some professionals who had great timing

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