26 Stunning Images You Won't Believe Were Found On Google Street View

Artist Jon Rafman spends hours culling through Google’s Street View images to find bizarre and stunning moments happening all over the world.

He created a Tumblr, 9-eyes — named after the 9 cameras Google Street View uses — where he curates the best images he finds.

Rafman says sometimes he picks a location and “just wanders,” captivated by what he sees.

He also doesn’t document where exactly the photos were taken.

He told The New York Times in 2013:

There’s also this excitement that potentially I was the first to ever look at this image because there’s no cameraman — it’s just a robot. There’s something inherently exciting knowing that you might be the first person to ever gaze upon a scene that happened in the past.

The photos are truly amazing.

A beautiful image of a forest covered in the purple shield plant.

A lone cabin in a forest.

This photo of a horseback rider.

The sun rising.

Birds on a wire as clouds roll overhead.

Endless land.

This misty photo is beautiful.


The fog was captured perfectly here.

Wow -- that sky.

A parade.

This is incredible.

What is happening here?

This snap of someone riding a chairlift looks like it's straight out of the 1970s.

This almost looks Photoshopped.

A horse standing in a field.

Fire burns as a gorgeous sky radiates overhead.

Awesome shot.

Look at that sky!

This isn't as stunning as it is bizarre -- it could be an album cover.

Out for a run...

So pretty!

An alphabet-covered road.

Hey guys!

This looks professionally photographed.

A day at the beach.

Want to see more gorgeous photography?

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