26% Of Managers Admit They Weren't Ready For Their Jobs


Photo: Banana via Wikimedia Commons

Ordering people around is harder than it looks. Just ask your manager.A new survey from CareerBuilder asked more than 2,480 employers and 3,910 workers to rate their company’s leaders.

Among the managers who were surveyed, 26% said they weren’t ready to become leaders when they first took the job.

A quarter of them said dealing with issues between co-workers was their biggest challenge.

Motivating team members followed as a close second.

Interestingly, 58% of the leaders said they hadn’t received any management training before becoming a manager, which suggests that many managers are under-trained.

But they’re good fakers. Of the workers who were surveyed, the majority of workers (59%) felt their boss was doing a good or even great job. 

That number dropped to 50% when they were asked to rate their corporate leaders.

Nearly a quarter accused their boss of playing favourites, and 40% said that their company’s corporate leaders didn’t listen to employees or try to raise morale.

For more on the survey results, check out CareerBuilder >>

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