PHOTOS: The 25 Most Exclusive Vintage Cars You Can Buy In England Right Now

Last weekend, the first London Classic Car Show was hosted in the English capital, bringing together car enthusiasts and vintage rides from all over the region for display and to buy.

Prices generally spread from £100,000 to several millions, although there are often higher values that are not revealed because the seller will opt for a closed-door auction.

“For many, it is an investment,” Samuel Laurence, a vintage car merchant in London, told Business Insider UK. “They do not lose value. Rather, it rises.”

Auto Express further supported that idea noting last year that “classic cars are now seen as a much better investment than savings accounts.”

If you’re thinking of getting into the game, Business Insider UK attended the event and we’ve highlighted some of the most interesting models, all of which are for sale.

You can click on the pictures’ credits to get in touch with each dealer.

This 135 Rolls Royce can be yours for £195,000.

For a little bit more, you can have this Bentley Lagonda from 1934. It costs £200,000.

This Jaguar is sold for £267,500.

It wasn’t only British cars on display. This Ferrari Dino from 1972 costs £300,000.

A Bugatti for £325,000.

Sometimes, people are ready to pay big figures by just seeing the chassis of the car. This piece of a Mercedes 600 is on the market for £500,000, while the rest of the car is renovated.

The Aston Martin is a truly English classic. This 1965 DB5 also costs half a million pounds.

This slightly older DB4, from 1959, is sold at £565,000.

A Bentley Sedan Coupe from 1939 costs £595,000.

Ferrari Daytonas were popular. This one costs £700,000.

Stefano Pozzebon/Business Insider

While this other Ferrari 250 tops £750,000.

This Bugatti 46 costs £750,000 too.

Another Ferrari Daytona is on sale for £750,000.

This Jaguar E-Type Speedster is on the market for £750,000.

A slightly more expensive Ferrari Daytona at £785,000.

Another Jaguar E-Type, specifically designed with a shiny chromatic cover, costs £800,000.

This Bentley Continental from 1953 costs £965,000.

Now, we enter the heavyweights. This Mercedes 300SL Gullwing costs pounds £1 million.

This Alfa Romeo from 1931 costs £1.3 million.

Prices rise quickly: this Ferrari GTB costs £1,585,000.

While this Aston Martin DB4 Convertible is out for £1.6 million.

Ferraris were a hot item. This also costs £1.6 million.

While this one costs £2 million.

The same price for this classy Rolls Royce Silver Ghost: £2 million.

And here is the very top: this Mercedes from 1936 is just one of two in the world specifically built with a right wheel for the British market. It costs £2.4 million.

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