25 Things You Don't Know About Newly Single Kaley Cuoco—CBS' 'Big Bang Theory' Sweetheart


Kaley Cuoco has gone from ABC’s high school queen on “8 Simple Rules” (right) to CBS’ girl next door on “The Big Bang Theory.”

Kaley Cuoco announced today that her engagement to musician/addiction specialist Josh “Lazie” Resnik is off.
“I’m not engaged anymore,” the 26-year-old actress dished to “Entertainment Tonight.”

So in honour of Cuoco’s new singledom, we are taking a look back at the multidimensional life of CBS’ favourite primetime blondie.

Cuoco plays the sexy waitress-turned actress, Penny, on CBS’ hit Thursday night comedy, “The Big Bang Theory.”

But where was she prior to taking orders at the Cheesecake Factory?

Before Cuoco was “Lord of the Nerds,” she was the original teen queen ruling ABC primetime as Bridget Hennessey on “8 Simple Rules,” alongside the late John Ritter.

And, she didn’t start there. Cuoco has been in the business since the age of five, modelling and acting in commercials, playing a mini Ellen DeGeneres and headlining in movies among Hollywood A-listers Jennifer Aniston and Kevin Bacon.

If that isn’t enough, she rides horses, kick boxes and starred in a cheesy horror flick with a former Backstreet Boy member. (And you thought the N*SYNC gang were the only ones who went on to make movies.) 

Check out 22 years in the life of the tennis playing, drum-playing, singing vegetarian.  

1990-1991: She was a Barbie Girl...

When Cuoco was young she starred in a number of commercials including a few Barbie ads at age six.

She also starred in an Oscar Mayer commercial at age five. Our bologna has a first name, it's K-A-L-E-Y.

1992: She starred in her first TV movie.

1992: Cuoco had her first major role in a TV movie, 'Quicksand: No Escape.'

The film featured Donald Sutherland and Tim Matheson.

You can watch the trailer here.

1994: She played Ellen DeGeneres on screen.

Two years later, Cuoco played a younger version of Ellen DeGeneres on the prime time series 'Ellen.'

Donald Sutherland wasn't her only early brush with fame. She cameoed in 'Picture Perfect' with Jennifer Aniston and Kevin Bacon.

The next year she had a leading role in TV series, 'Mr. Murder' with Stephen Baldwin.

She is a nationally ranked amateur tennis player.

Cuoco has been an ace in Hollywood and on the tennis court, playing the sport since she was three-years-old. She finally made the full switch to acting in 2002.

During an interview on local news channel, PIX 11, Cuoco showed off her skills during a ping pong match. She also revealed the entire crew participates in tournaments on set.

2000: She played Marcia Brady...in a TV movie.

She was featured on 'Growing Up Brady,' the tell-all made-for-TV movie that gave a behind the scenes of 'The Brady Bunch.'

The O.C.'s Adam Brody played her on-screen romance.

Before 'The Big Bang Theory,' Cuoco's breakout role was on ABC's '8 Simple Rules (for Dating My Teenage Daughter)' featuring the late John Ritter.

She played the rule breaking eldest daughter, Bridget Hennessey, despite her co-star, Amy Davidson, being six years older than Cuoco.

The hit show unfortunately came to an early end after Ritter's untimely passing in September of 2003. The show tried to carry on without its titular character, but was canceled in the end after three seasons.

No relation to the Oscar-nominated film of the same name.

Instead, the show followed the happenings of a spoiled, wealthy family and their servants, co-starring Megan Fox and Tori Spelling.

The show was canceled after seven episodes.

Check out the hilarious opening.

2004: Cuoco had a knack for cheesy horror flicks.

In 2004, she was featured in direct-to-video 'The Hollow' alongside former Backstreet Boy Nick Carter.

Four years later, she starred as the lead in another home movie, comic slasher 'Killer Movie.' The entire movie was filmed in 21 days. And, yes, that's Nestor Carbonell from 'Lost' and Leighton Meester of 'Gossip Girl' in the trailer. The film was originally set for a May 2008 release date; however, it didn't fare well at the Tribeca Film Festival. We can't imagine why. Watch both trailers below.

2004: She played a mob boss alongside Megan Fox.

Imagine the Mickey Mouse Club meets 'The Godfather' and you get 'Crimes of Fashion.' Cuoco starred in this ABC Family comedy playing a design student who becomes a mob boss.

Megan Fox stars as a stuck-up rival straight out of 'Mean Girls.'

2004-2006: Cuoco Gets Cartooned

After '8 Simple Rules' was axed, Cuoco voiced various animated characters from a 'Bratz' doll in a video, to a Looney Toon in 'Loonatics Unleashed.' For two years, she voiced a stuck-up pooch stranded in a rain forest alongside a rabbit in 'Brandy and Mr. Whiskers.'

Even after success on 'Big Bang,' she continued to star on Canadian cartoon '6Teen' from 2004-2010. The show was featured on both Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network after the show's original releases.

2005: Cuoco returns to TV as a witch apprentice.

In her first role back onscreen, Cuoco joined the cast of 'Charmed' in their final eighth season with the idea of giving her character Billie an eventual spinoff. Thankfully for CBS, this didn't happen.

We're more fond of Jedi apprentices anyway.

Cuoco played a high school student filming a documentary on the prejudices faced by overweight students. The catch? She had to experience life dressed as one of them. This wouldn't be her last Lifetime film.

The same year, she also had a two-episode stint on Fox's popular 'Prison Break.'

September 2007: Cuoco returned to primetime with a bang.

Cuoco began her current role as the hot girl-next-door to nerdy scientists, Leonard and Sheldon. Now in season 5, Cuoco earns $200,000 an episode. That's quite a raise from her original $60,000 per episode salary.

An on-screen romance led to a secret off-screen relationship with costar Johnny Galecki. The couple dated for two years while keeping the pairing under wraps and remain friends. (Guess you have to when your each other's love interest on the show. Talk about awkward.) Since October, she's been engaged to boyfriend Josh Resnik, former bassist of Danzig and addiction specialist.

She could kick your butt while rocking out.

Cuoco plays the drums and kick boxes.

She showed off her drumming skills on '8 Simple Rules.' And, yes, she did reunite with old costar Nick Carter while on the show so he could 'teach her how to play.'

March 2010: She was one of Maxim's Hottest Females

Kaley graced the cover of Maxim in 2010 while stripping down for her shoot. The following year, she was voted #13 on the list of 'Hot 100' women.

2010: She's part robot.

OK, that may be a stretch. However, Cuoco does has two permanent metal bars above her foot after a horse fell on her, breaking her lower leg. When taken to the hospital, the doctor gave her three options, one of which included amputation.

She has a downloadable song available on iTunes.

Yeah, she sings, too.

After Cuoco broke her leg she recorded a duet with then boyfriend, Christopher French, of the group Annie Automatic to raise money for animal adoption. The two sang 'Somewhere Over The Rainbow' for The Human Society.

March 2011: She's the proud owner of a shake weight.

Cuoco showed us how to use a shake weight on 'The Ellen Show,' saying she ordered one because 'Maybe I thought I could use it for practice…'

Ellen challenged her to make the workout tool not look dirty. She failed.

April 2011: Cuoco stars in a kids movie.

Cuoco starred in Dreamworks live-action animated film 'Hop' about the Easter Bunny.

She plays James Marsden's little sister (you know, the guy who rarely gets the girl in any romance film).

May 2011: She did a nude photoshoot.

Cuoco posed nude for Allure's Nude edition last May along with Ashley Tisdale, Bridget Moynahan and Keri Hilson.

The photos were a surprise for her parents.

'Until they see the photos, they won't understand,' Couco told Allure. 'All a mother or father hears is the word 'naked.' When I told my mum about the shoot, I left out the part about taking my clothes off.'

January 2012: She played Drew Peterson's wife.

Cuoco returned to Lifetime to star as wife number two with Rob Lowe in the highly promoted 'Drew Peterson: Untouchable.' The premiere drew nearly 6 million viewers, making it cable's most-viewed original movie in two years since, 'The Pregnancy Pact.'

March 2012: The newest Madman?

Eat your heart out, January Jones. Currently, Cuoco appears on the March cover of Zooey magazine dressed in sixties attire looking like she stepped straight out of an episode of AMC's hit 'Mad Men.'

She's a vegetarian...sort of.

However, she revealed to late night host Craig Ferguson that she does eat meat every now and then.

And, now she's single again!

'Entertainment Tonight' reports that Cuoco broke off her engagement to Josh Resnik.

She just rekindled her relationship with Johnny Galecki's character, Leonard, onscreen. Do we see her doing the same offscreen? 'Big Bang Theory' fans can cross their fingers.

Kaley Cuoco starred with Megan Fox in a made-for-TV film.

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