25 Ways To Boost Your Intelligence


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We’ve go over reams of psychological studies at Barking Up The Wrong Tree. Here are some of the useful findings regarding ways to boost your intelligence: 1. Coffee and cigarettes.

2. For nonsmokers, coffee and a doughnut.

3. Chew gum.

4. Doodle.

5. Red Bull.

6. Think about college professors. Don’t think about morons.

7. Sniff rosemary.

8. Do NOT take an IQ test or be ranked by intelligence.

9. Have good relationships, be social and adopt other people’s perspectives.

10. Exercise.

11. Listen to some Bach or Mozart.

12. Better yet, learn how to play some Bach or Mozart. Or learn any new skill.

13. Stop multitasking.

14. Guys, stay away from pretty girls. Don’t even think about them.

15. Get enough sleep every night.

16. Finish what you start.

17. Lay down to improve problem solving.

18. Believe you can become smarter.

19. Try out certain nutritional supplements.

20. Feed your superstitions.

21. Talk to yourself.

22. Stay away from the colour red.

23. Avoid situations where you feel out of control or powerless.

24. Avoid rejection.

25. Get a boss who thinks you’re a genius.

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