25 Adorable Photos Of Troops Playing With Puppies In Iraq And Afghanistan

Marines Dogs War

It’s against the rules for U.S. servicemembers to play with stray animals in war zones, but sometimes rules are for fools.

And in Iraq and Afghanistan, where the deployments have been long and arduous, having some animal companionship can offer much needed stress relief. 

Even soldiers deployed to war zones have a sensitive side.

Like this Marine gunnery sergeant in southwestern Afghanistan.

Navy Corpsmen, like the one pictured here, serve as medics to the Marines; clearly they are affectionate people.

This puppy is guarding the weapons. How helpful.

Sometimes it's hard to tell who's having more fun, the puppies or the soldiers.

The puppies clearly enjoy spending time with the soldiers.

But the soldiers enjoy seeing the puppies, too.

And though sometimes they may fight.

There's no doubt that they love each other.

This puppy is enjoying the view over beautiful Kunar province, Afghanistan.

After the raid is over, there's time to play.

But there's plenty of downtime in combat so sometimes, there's time to play with puppies.

And share beef jerky with them.

Puppies love jerky.

Even this one-star general even takes a moment to say hi to a puppy in Afghanistan.

Here, Afghan National Security Forces play with a puppy.

This Iraqi soldier plays fetch with a puppy. The puppy seems into it.

Simba, everything the light touches will one day be yours.

This military working dog popped in to say hi to a puppy in Afghanistan.

This puppy is very interested in this soldier's flashlight.

This puppy just needed to stretch his legs.

These soldiers even shared their water with the puppies.

Now sufficiently hydrated, this puppy seems happy.

This soldier needed two puppies.

But dogs serve in an official capacity, too.

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