25 Of The Most Famous Guns In Cinema

No one can ever forget the signature weapons of their movie heroes.

Well, multimedia designer Federico Mauro has saved us all the trouble of remembering stuff by rendering the coolest movie weapons in front of a clean white background.

Everything from Ellen Ripley’s epic assault rifle to the unforgettable “boomstick” from Army of Darkness.

Ash -- The 'Boomstick' from Army of Darkness


Blain -- The Predator

Bonnie and Clyde

Buffalo Bill

Charles Bronson

Cherry Darling -- Planet Terror

Clint Eastwood -- Unforgiven

Cobra -- GI Joe

District 9

The 'Dentist' -- Django Unchained

Dr. Edward Morbius -- Forbidden Planet

El Mariachi -- Desperado

Anton Chigurh -- No country for old men

Ellen Ripley -- Aliens

Han Solo -- Star Wars

Harry Callaghan -- Dirty Harry

Harry Callaghan -- Dirty Harry


He Man -- Master's Of The Universe

Hell Boy

I, Robot

Jack Sparrow -- Pirates of the Caribbean

James Bond

Joan Jett -- The Runaways

You've seen the coolest weapons in cinema ...

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