25 Documents You Need Before You Die

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It’s a morbid thought, but you’ve got to fill out a lot of paperwork before you die. Otherwise your money may join the $32.9 billion in unclaimed bank accounts and other assets currently held by state treasurers.To save your family heartache, be sure you have these 25 documents in order, and tell your family where you keep these documents. A will, letter of instruction and trust documents are particularly important.

This list comes from a fascinating article at the WSJ:

Letter of instruction
Trust documents
Living will
Life insurance policies
Do-not-resuscitate order
Tax returns
401K accounts
List of all bank accounts
All user names and passwords
Personal and medical family history
Durable health-care power of attorney
Authorization to release heath care information
Housing, land and cemetary deeds
Marriage licence
Divorce papers
Escrow mortgage accounts
Stock certificates, savings bonds and brokerage accounts
Proof of loans made and debts owed
Vehicle titles
Partnership and corporate operating agreements
Individual retirement accounts
Pension documents
Annuity contracts
List of safe deposit boxes

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