24/7 Wall St: Silicon Alley Insider Takes On TechCrunch


Go after the guys who inspired us?  Heck, no.  We’re just shining some light on the vibrant New York scene and offering some non-Valley echo-chamber perspective.  (But, yes, we’re certainly drooling about TechCrunch’s $200,000-a-month revenue run-rate.  And if things get bad enough at the Times, we’d definitely be interested in acquiring them.)

Oh, and did we mention that we think Mr. Arrington must be having that evening cocktail a few hours early when he raves about the prospects for the cash-burning wireless-provider-and-handset-manufacturer known as Helio?  We like the phone, but a cool gadget does not a necessarily a cool business make.

Reviewer Douglas McIntryre,  24/7 Wall Street‘s CEO (who has built a pretty healthy online media business himself), also points out that if this site is to go anywhere, my talented old-media-trained colleagues have to ditch those impressive magazine habits and start posting.  Thanks, Doug!  I’ll make sure they get the message.