24 Stunning Photos That Show You Why Larry Ellison Moved The America's Cup To San Francisco

We’re holding this cup in the San Francisco Bay, the most spectacular natural amphitheater for sailing that God created on this Earth.”
That’s how Oracle CEO and sailing enthusiast Larry Ellison explained his decision to move the America’s Cup to the San Francisco Bay.

The event has been criticised for failing to deliver promised tourism revenue to the city (among other complaints).

But the one unassailable success has been the setting. The city has served as a dramatic back-drop to the race, and there are some beautiful photos that show you why Ellison was right to use such hyperbolic language.

The teams and support boats during Race 6.

The race is viewable from a cable car turn-around on Hyde Street.

The view from a helicopter.

A long view of the city.

The teams race away from the Golden State Bridge during Race 6.

The fog creeps in during Race 3.

The boats tack upwind during Race 5.

The teams practice in front of the San Francisco skyline.

The teams race away from the Golden Gate Bridge in Race 3.

A wide shot of Race 2.

Race 3 with downtown in the background.

A wall of fog between the boats and the bridge.

Team Emirates pulls away during Race 2.

The teams sail past Alcatraz Island during Race 18.

The teams race past the Golden Gate Bridge during Race 14.

The bay from the city.

Ellison wanted the race to be viewable from office buildings.

Oracle Team USA warms up as the morning fog begins to break up.

The view from land as the teams practice in front of Alcatraz Island before Race 6.

Oracle Team USA warms up outside of the fog zone.

The view from sea level.

The view from the woods.

Spectators watch from Alcatraz.

Team Oracle sails away from a cable car.

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