'24' May Return To Fox As A Limited Series

jack bauer 24 kiefer sutherlandFox is in talks to bring ’24’ back in a limited run.

Jack Bauer is returning to TV.

Last night, Deadline reported Fox was talking about bringing “24” back as a limited series.

Soon after the former show’s former executive producer, David Fury, confirmed the report on Twitter

“Yep, I’m pulling double duty w/TYRANT. Whoo & Hoo!”

Fury was then asked by a fan whether it would be “8 or 12,” to which he responded the latter.

Some are concluding this means the series will be 12 episodes long.

Again, this doesn’t mean we’ll see new seasons of the show.

Deadline reports the idea to bring back the show came from showrunner Howard Gordon. He currently serves as executive producer on Showtime’s “Homeland” and FX’s “Tyrant” along with Fury.

Gordon would likely come back for the return.  

For a long time there was talk of a “24” movie in the works. As recent as last month, Sutherland told The Sun he would be open to work on one.  

Gordon earlier said Sutherland’s work on that series prevented them from moving forward with any sort of film

Sutherland’s schedule is more free now as Fox recently cancelled “Touch,” a show in which he starred. 

Though it’s not confirmed yet, Deadline says Sutherland is in talks to reprise the lead role of Jack Bauer.

“24” ran for eight seasons on Fox ending in 2010.

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