24 Facts About The Mind-Blowing Size Of Google, Apple, Facebook And The Mobile Internet

St Peter's Square 2005 and 2013

Look at this photo that shows Saint Peter’s Square in Rome when the last two Popes were announced.

In just eight years, mobile devices have become ubiquitous. Everyone now carries the Internet in their pockets.

That has lead to some amazing changes in the business world. Scrappy Internet upstarts have become bigger than the physical world competitors they replaced.

Mitch Joel, author of the business strategy book, “CTRL-ALT-Delete: Reboot your business. Reboot your life”, has pulled together some mind-blowing facts that show the internet is so much bigger than you think it is.

There's no question ...

You need to understand just how much.

Print is nearly dead

Apple helped lead the way

Amazon is astoundingly diverse

Amazon is also physically very big

Without a single physical retail store ...

Things are moving so fast

The Internet has become portable

We use our phones to socialize over the Internet

The mobile Internet has become a crucial part of our lives

Businesses that don't go mobile will be in trouble

The Internet has created new business and new ways to fund them

Crowdsourced funding is saving the arts

Some businesses are headed for a cliff

Many have already gone over the cliff

Marketing has become a very hard job

The Internet is so big, your business could get lost

More tablets and devices are coming our way ...

Photos have become a popular way for people to communicate

Instagram is already the Next Big Thing for business

Mobile phone users want info based on their location

Most of us view the Internet as a trustworthy source for research

The Internet is unbelievably big

And mobile is still just a small part of the Internet

An Internet site can interact with an enormous number of people ...

... with a tiny number of employees.

Now check out these mind-blowing facts about the future of the mobile

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